Freitag, 24. November: haus*klang / LIVE Primordial Undermind

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haus*klang (14 - 16h)
Eine Klang-Installation von Bernhard Bauch, Jörg Kammerhofer und Simon Usaty

Das Haus wird zum Klangkörper / Klänge von Innen werden nach Aussen transportiert / die Geräuschkulisse der Strasse wird bereichert

Kaffee und Kuchen im Keller

Ein Projekt von Subterrarium, im Rahmen von [hean:ois:hean].*klang/

ein Kommunikationsprojekt, das den BewohnerInnen von Hernals die kreative Auseinandersetzung mit dem Hören der Klänge des Bezirks ermöglicht. download: hean:ois:hean - PDF

LIVE - Primordial Undermind / 21h
Eric Arn - guitar
Vanessa Arn - electronics
David Schweighart - drums

“A blur of indefinite energy, invisible not for transparency but for speed. The first esoteric wonder of California mingled with psychic residue of an imaginal Tangiers. An ecstatic dance dissolving the corrupted fabric of causality, invoking singularity, bleeding at the edges. Radiant spectral photon flux breaching maximal geometric gain detonated by revelation of the physical plane as pharmacopial fantasy. Primal metabolism accelerated by innervating feedback; resonant vibration within the primitive emotions inducing moire visions of coherent light via sympathetic stimulation of the optic nerve. Labyrinthine mirrored corridors of abstraction lighted by the fires of irrationality. Amplified homeostatic hum transmuted into an oscillating neurochemical ouroboros. A shattering collision with the cosmic bacchanalia unloading total volume onto a worldwide receiving grid. Six thousand cycles of harmonic saturation feeding the crescendo of standing wave resonant drone flooding through each molecular bond in the corporeal manifestation of collected nonconscious anxiety. Keepers of the akashic library stunned into permanent alpha wave trance. Farce incarnate as blissed-in nods to an intimate inner ear performance of ‘tanto rumore per nulla’.”

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