Mittwoch, 24. Jänner 2007: LIVE / Scott Sinclair (aka Company Fuck) (au) / Aaron Hull (au) / 21h

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Scott Sinclair (aka Company Fuck)

Brisbane, Australia

Scott Sinclair (aka Company Fuck) is surely one of the most elusive figures to arise out of the Australian improvised music scene. His music is dedicated to recycling cheap or dead sound objects to make new and expressive music, using anything from a broken speaker to an old forgotten song. Always uncompromising, his music has never repeated itself in style and can be simultaneously brutal, contemplative, and humorous.

In performance Scott uses his voice with metal objects (kitchen utensils, bells, clocks, etc.) to trigger and distort sounds switching between experimental and pop, and often blurring these lines altogether. Using influences from hardcore techno, grindcore metal, and modern rnb, his performances show audiences that noise can be singable, maybe even danceable. Scott also likes to sing karaoke.

Aaron Hull

Sydney, Australia

Aaron Hull is an Australian sound and video artist working primarily with processed field and instrumental recordings. His current work in both sound and video examines the corroded memory. In his performances Aaron creates an intimate sonic landscape that evokes a personal insight into periods and places of the artists past and present.

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