Freitag, 9. November: LIVE / Wouter Jaspers (NL)

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Wouter Jaspers

Franz F. Fjödor is the pseudonym of Dutch poet/writer and musician Wouter-Franz Jaspers (Deurne 1986). His imagination and experimental view on music, art and simply the whole world makes him a young artist with a bright future. From the early age of 15 Jaspers has been performing with all kinds of musical projects, from proto-punk to poetic anti-folk. With these projects, he has ascended also many stages in the Netherlands and all over Europe and has built up the passion for (anti-)music in all aspects. On its eighteenth birthday Jaspers presented his first literary work, consisting of annotations, poems, signs and observations of a world that’s in a state of confusion. That state of confusion is also a clear theme in his musical work. With his droning depressed soundscapes/ambient tracks he wants to cure the bleeding wounds. His fascination for the death, genocide and the entire dark side of society is something your can hear through all his work. He makes you think twice about yourself and everyone you know. Besides his Franz F. Fjödor project Jaspers is also part of Meldy Peaches and Death From Above 1976, both featured projects on Vatican Analog. He also released tracks on TIBproductions in Norway and the Black Syndicate label from Moscow, Russia. 

Beginn: 21h

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