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Born on the 7-th May 1984 in Bucharest, Romania.

2003- graduation with specialty in INFO-Mathematics
2003- College diploma in English, History, Romanian literature, Deutsch, Philosophy, French.

2003-2007 University for the Arts Bucharest Ro “Unarte” study for Photography- video- Digital Computer work from 2004 switches to Painting

2004: work and study with the Romanian artist Andrei Chintila

Summer 2004
Timisoara, RO “Ladyfest” (Singel expo)
“ Matache Market - Snapshots of street life“ Paintings

Autumn 2004
Vienna, Austria “Ladyfest” (Single expo)
“Snapshots of life” - of streetpeople in Bucharest - Paintings

December 2004
Bucharest, RO “Cinemaiubit” (film & photo festival) groupexpo
“The Castle” photography

Winter 2006
Bucharest, RO “Cinemaiubit “ groupexpo – photography & installation
“The Cube”

Summer 2007
Bucharest, RO – Mogosoaia Palace (group expo)
Graduation Exhibition - paintings – “The world of matery - Luv.”

Autumn 2007
Bucharest, RO - “Ladyfest” Singelexpo
“Margareta and the winter” Paintings

April 2008
Vienna, Austria – (Singelexpo) paintings
Frauencafe, Wien - “Try to remember - Japan”

April 2008
Vienna, Austria - Subterrarium - (Singelexpo) - paintings
“Dream: Reise in the montains “

May 2008
Vienna, Austria - Zweitraum - (Singelexpo) - paintings
“Dream: Reise in the montains “

Currently working as an independent artist in Vienna and Berlin

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