Infos zur Person: Ana Dinescu

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Born on the 7-th May 1984 in Bucharest, Romania.

2003- graduation with specialty in INFO-Mathematics
2003- College diploma in English, History, Romanian literature, Deutsch, Philosophy, French.

2003-2007 University for the Arts Bucharest Ro “Unarte” study for Photography- video- Digital Computer work from 2004 switches to Painting

2004: work and study with the Romanian artist Andrei Chintila

Summer 2004
Timisoara, RO “Ladyfest” (Singel expo)
“ Matache Market - Snapshots of street life“ Paintings

Autumn 2004
Vienna, Austria “Ladyfest” (Single expo)
“Snapshots of life” - of streetpeople in Bucharest - Paintings

December 2004
Bucharest, RO “Cinemaiubit” (film & photo festival) groupexpo
“The Castle” photography

Winter 2006
Bucharest, RO “Cinemaiubit “ groupexpo – photography & installation
“The Cube”

Summer 2007
Bucharest, RO – Mogosoaia Palace (group expo)
Graduation Exhibition - paintings – “The world of matery - Luv.”

Autumn 2007
Bucharest, RO - “Ladyfest” Singelexpo
“Margareta and the winter” Paintings

April 2008
Vienna, Austria – (Singelexpo) paintings
Frauencafe, Wien - “Try to remember - Japan”

April 2008
Vienna, Austria - Subterrarium - (Singelexpo) - paintings
“Dream: Reise in the montains “

May 2008
Vienna, Austria - Zweitraum - (Singelexpo) - paintings
“Dream: Reise in the montains “

Currently working as an independent artist in Vienna and Berlin

Freitag, 25. April 2008: VERNISSAGE / Ana Dinescu

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Ana Dinescu
“Dream: Reise in the montains”

Info zur Person: Ana Dinescu 

Freitag, 18. April: surpise act

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Mc Donald’s


modularer analog kübelod.

3/4 analog kübelod.

plastik synth und modular kübel

-> ORDNUNGSHÜTE nach KNOTENSATZ Beginn: 20.30 (!)

Freitag, 11. April: Bizarr Guitarre / LIVE Session

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Bizarr Guitarre (open session)

Beginn: 20h (!!)

An open session for improvising guitarists.  All brave players should bring their guitars, toys, and tricks to Subterrarium on Friday at 20:00.  Please check in with any of the Subterrarium staff to make sure you will be called to play.  Anything goes, except  for blues jams….

Nichts ist, alles ist erlaubt.

Freitag, 4. April 2008: LIVE - Head of Wantastiquet (be)

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Head of Wantastiquet (be)

Psychedelic / Western Swing / Folk Rock

“Head of Wantastiquet” is Paul Labrecque, who should be a household name to lovers of transcendental experimental music. Labrecque is best known for his work with Sunburned Hand of the Man and The Other Method. He has also released an amazing CDR with Valerie Webb, entitled “Trees, Chants, & Hollers”, which is constructed from acoustic guitar with vocals, electronics, the sounds of crickets, and the wood-burning stove. Paul currently explores many mellow solo and collaborative modes as “head of wantastiquet”.